Mr.Smith & his Son – in english, please!


So… this will officially be my first blogpost for my english speaking readers – hopefully I have some, but maybe get one or the other at the end of the day 😉

It all began with the idea of making a traditional northern hat for my little boy – a sailors cap or as they call it here in northern germany „Elbsegler“.

So I tried to find a pattern but did not find any that would fulfill my requirements 😉

What I had in mind
was kind of „Michel from Löneberga“ by Astrid Lindgren.
If you would like to have a sneak (only in german) you can click here or here.

To speak about Michel… 

Annika from naehconnection commented my Elbsegler and told me that she and her family would go on an Astrid Lindgren vacation, discovering all the famous spots of our most loved childrens books – and that there will also be a visit of Katthult, the home of „Michel from Lönneberga„.
The cap would fit quite well for her little boy, but she was unsure if she could manage to sew it in time…

I just had discovered Annikas Blog and her sew fantastic blog series where she introduces fantastic sewing blogs all over the world.
And just because I share her enthusiasm (especially) for the american sewing mums and wanted to travel myself with my son and his cap to sweden I made her decision easier and sent her the pattern, wishing fun to sew and more fun to see it on her son.

Please go and visit Annikas Blog and the wonderful tale she is telling about her son visiting Katthult.

Speaking of american sewing mums…

Since I had known that my child would be a son I was searching the internet for inspiration and/or sewing patterns. As I am not the colorful kind of person I was looking for modern design or interesting details.
Clothes that would look really cool – even in „adult fabric“ – but as well suitable for children.
This was when I discovered Staceys Blog „boy, oh boy, oh boy crafts„.
And I love her description of herself on instagram:
I’m mom to
three rowdy boys. My house is full of dirt, noise, and superheros. I
design kids clothes, sew, craft and keep the boys busy.

This sounds like al whole lot of boyfun! 😉

But most of all the clothes she is designing and sewing for her three rowdies are really amazing.
Really cool, really stylish  and really what I was looking for.
Her Blog is a great inspiration for me and when she also commented on the sailors cap I directly wrote to her and asked her if she would help me with an english version of the pattern.

I am so glad that she agreed and please have a look at the amazing caps she has sewn for her boys!


Thank you both so much for helping me with this!

Please click on the following image to be forwarded to my online shop and to have one copy of the pattern yourself!

Hope to see you soon!

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